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Kym Nguyen

Design Exceptionally • Plan Responsibly • Build Safely • Live Well

From her childhood in Vietnam to founding Concept Design & Associates in Portland, Oregon, professional residential designer Kym Nguyen developed a unique style that brings worlds together, both visually and structurally. Inspired by the densely-packed buildings of her native Ho Chi Minh City and the picturesque countryside around it, her intuition for how things fit together bridged her artistic and practical sides early in life. 


Over the course of her 20 year career, Nguyen’s work designing commercial buildings, tenant improvements, vibrant interiors and residential exteriors reflects her distinct attention to detail and knack for making the abstract become reality. She earned her architecture degree at the Ho Chi Minh City University of Architecture, the flagship program in architecture, design education and research in Southeast Asia, while also contributing her talents to several projects, including the development construction drawings for Me Linh Point Tower, a 26-story office and retail high-rise.

In an effort to pursue her passion and further her studies, Nguyen decided to move abroad and eventually landed in the beautiful Pacific Northwest in 1999. An internship with the City of Portland provided valuable experience on the interaction between people and place. As a project manager with a local architecture firm, she further sharpened her skills through years of house planning and collaboration with local builders. 

Whether you are looking to design the home of your dreams, a high performance workplace or an effective retail space, you can count on the professional know-how of Kym Nguyen and Concept Design & Associates at every step on the path to achieving your goals.

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